Monday, March 15, 2010

cross roads.

Well well, looks like the time has come for everyone to take their own path. Or should i say cross roads? I was always afraid of this day but its ineveitable , my mom used to tell me " high school days are the best, you will regret one day not enjoying high school " . Well i really do regret now, high school days were the best ! College would definitely be different compared to high school but having the chance to study is the best thing that anyone could have. Enjoy your next 5 years of studies my friends where ever you would be. Because after that 5 years , we would all be earning our own living , geting married, starting a family , succeeding in our own careers. No more picking up the phone " HALLO ! TODAY WANT TO GO OUT !? " no no more. No one is that free anymore that time . We all have our own lives to catch up to . So enjoy your time those who are still in high school , and college students ? Treasure the chance you have to study , don't ever waste it . You will never ever get a second chance in life to do your studies all over again ):

I'm Going To Miss You Guys ! Hope we still keep in touch 5 Years From Now .

I'm definitely going to miss you the most. <3>

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