Sunday, March 21, 2010

future courses.

My friend just came back from UK 2 days ago . Apparently he is studying law , he is doing his final year there . His Admission to the BAR. Look's like he took the same program that i am gonna take my law which is at taylor's law school. He took a 2+1 and studied at University of Reading . According to him the fees while he was at reading was roughly 15,000 pounds which is about .. RM80,000? That including his lodging and food accomadations. Woah pretty expensive to being with. Looks like there's where i'm gonna go in 3 years time i guess? Ahhh , wonder how is gonna be like when i go there. I guess i would have that British slang or what you call ascent. I'm gonna miss Malaysian food and my friends !! But what to do ! A man has to persue his dreams in order to provide himself a better life in the near future and a better career . Everyone should have this thought in their mindset. Peace out.

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