Thursday, March 11, 2010


My results wasn't all that bad ! 1A , 2B , 5C , 1D , 1E . Not that good but still can go college so okay lar i guess ? Royal Flush ? ABCDE HAHA <3
I still lost the bet after all. Oh Ah Rou now i owe two times of ice cream ):
Well i still got reward from my Mom . To be honest i am sort happy that i got C for Sejarah and Moral ! Ahhh , two weeks more and college is going start , i guess i'll be enrolling at Taylors College A Level's . I got to buckle up now and start studying hard. There's no more room for playing and fooling around . Have to study hard for the future so that i can live a good life ? I hope everyone learns thier lesson not to play around anymore in college . If you got the chance to enter college with your SPM results , please study hard don't ever waste your parents money. Going to go out to play mahjong now to enjoy my passing results :P

Peace Out ! ^^V


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