Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fear Of SPM results ?

It seems like everyone is getting nervous about tomorrow. It's 9.08 pm now . Results are coming out at 10 am tomorrow . So it's about err 12 hours and 52 minutes to go ?
To be honest , i am not really that scared of my SPM results because whatever results that i get tomorrow is what i worked for. I can't complain about it neither change it. It's what i worked for ! So be thank full ! no point being afraid just accept it like a man . To quote : Russel Peters " BE A MAN ! Do the Right Thing ! :D "

Oh Oh , someone is going to owe me ice cream tomorrow <3<3

I can't wait for college to start , it's so boring at home . Rotting everyday and playing mahjong every night isn't a very productive or healthy lifestyle i think. It's more of like trying to be a retiree ? Hahaha. And Baby Elly owes me Hugs and Kisses :D
You know you do <3

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