Saturday, March 20, 2010

time .

Not many of us know the value of time . But i do realize that time is precious and you shouldn't waste it. I know i don't do much benificial things myself but i just hope that most of you know how to appreciate time. Especially the good times , treasure them don't complain about them . Treasure the time with your parents , friends , loved ones. Don't complain that your parent's don't love you, i use to do that a lot but i just don't realize that they love me in a different way a way that i might not accept at this age now but maybe next time ? Cherish your happy times and moment. The sad times , just take them as a lesson in life and learn to repeat it in the near future. It's everyone's wish if they could turn back clock . Even i would want to do it but you should know that it's because of your past you are where you are today so don't regret just learn from your mistakes. As for some people who have done big mistakes in life, the person might not forgive you but you can try your best to fix the broken bonds. I admit there are loads of mistakes that i made in my life that caused me to lose a whole bunch of friends but i have to learn from them. Try and fix your broken bonds , don't think so negatively . As long as you keep trying and believing i am sure the other person will eventually see it and his or her heart would soften to forgive you for the wrong things that you have done . You shouldn't hate a person , you should learn to forgive a person . If you know how to forgive a person they will learn how to treasure their friendship and compassion seeing that you are willing to let go of the past and give him a second chance . Everyone deserves a second chance . No one is meant to be alone in this world so , never hold a grudge neither cast yourself away from the world just because you lost something important. No man is right or wrong . It's up to you to look and judge wether it is right or wrong in your point of view.

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