Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Luck Ran Out.

I guess today just isn't my lucky day? I was winning like 10 bucks in my usual mahjong night. Then when it came to the last 5 games. My friend had max points in 4 out of the 5 games. It turned around and i lost 20 bucks. What luck he had. SPM results is coming out tomorrow ! I can't wait to collect money from my mom , 5 credits is all i need <3 <3

Oh oh i was reading through every Gemala i had because i couldn't sleep, i drank too much nescafe ice. I found something interesting a poem made by one of the students . It's in the 2007 Gemala i think. Here it is :

Forgive Me.

We Were Friends since young,
Sharing Laughter and tears,
It just so happened one day,
I decided to break your heart,
Right on the spot,
i broke your heart,
Mine shattered too.

For My heart is breaking,
I hurt my friend,
The thought of our friendship,
That may come to an end,
Because of my selfishness,
Because of my pride,
Someone i value,
Is torn up inside.

I want to know that i'm forgiven,
For heaven above says I'm Forgiven,
I know it's not easy,
To forgive and forget,
But i just really hope,
That I'm Forgiven.

Enjoy it, copy it to your loved ones if you made a mistake or to any of your friends that you have been hating. Maybe it could fix your broken ties (:


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