Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First day of College !

Well initially i was kind of scared of going to college cause. It's like a new place and stuff. And i don't really know much people there which makes it kinda awkward in some situations. But guess what? College is awesome ! Everyone is friendly so far that i know of. Trust me in college is one place for you to reset your life. And you better learn to socialize what a good friend of mine kept teaching me to do ! If you don't learn to socialize in college you are better off dead . Seriously TALK OR DIE ! You don't want to be a person who is an outcast and doesn't have any friends don't you :P ?
Well, first day was more into the introductions to the college syllabus . I got to know that law needs alot of reading and my lecturer instructed us to do a essay about ourselves so she would know us better. And If anyone is planning to take sociology in a levels, you should be sure of your choice and make sure your English is strong because when i took a glance at the text book, it was like reading a book filled with words i have never seen or terms that i have never even used in my life before. You need a dictionary with you to study sociology ! and sociology is the highest level of science compared to the rest of the pure sciences D: Besides that , I have to work like really hard when my mathematics class start because , i have to cover my whole form 5 chapters all over again . 9 chapters in 2 months ! and then start doing papers to prepare ourselves for our AS exam which is in Oct-Nov. Now i know why they call it express for march intakers. It really is express to the max haha, everything is in a rush and you have to work extra hard or you will die.
BOOO my LAN studies also know as Moral and Malaysian Studies are starting next week , 7 hours a week for 8 days. What a pain . I think i am going to be more moralized after those class although not many people believe in that ! Well time for bed , or else i won't be able to wake up tomorrow :X Getting pretty restless nowadays.


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